By adding extra negative electrons into a power system with HVACON FORCE, energy loss, power consumption and system harmonics are greatly reduced improving the overall performance and flexibility of your vessel.

FORCE system uses the naturally occurring Tour- maline (mineral based) composition to boost electrical performance in shipboard systems and power transmissions. The Tourmaline has been known since the 1800’s to be piezo and pyro electric in nature

FORCE system has been operating globally since 2008. It is tested, and type-approved for marine installations with patents world-wide.

Typical ROI is accomplished within two years. The systems installed in 2008 remain functional at 100% and are maintenance free.

More advantages

  • HVACON FORCE system will prolong the lifetime of connected electrical consumers and electronic devices while reducing failure rates
  • Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral without side effects or challenging environmental handling requirements

HVACON can save your cruise ship a total of 20-25% on power and fuel, if you combine our FORCE and HVAC Energy Saving Systems.

The technology

The main component of the FORCE system is the EMF-7, which works in a completely different way than other known power-saving systems. The EMF-7 features hybrid minerals that produce electromagnetic waves. These waves help the electric flow pass unobstructed from the source to the target, thus reducing power consumption.

In order to reduce the resistance and improve the current flow in the installation and consumers, FORCE system produces surplus negative electrons.

This increases the density of free electrons while harmful factors such as impedance, harmonic distortion and high/low frequency are absorbed or counteracted.


  • CE and UL safety certificate
  • KRS Class approval
  • Award the patent of 70 countries over the world and ISO certified
  • Function test by SGS and TÜV